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Confession (2019)

Digital, comic strip

size 1000 × 16364(px)

未命名作品 5.JPG

I am a studio art student studying in the United States.

It is often said that success is 99% of hard work with 1% of talent. However, for a person like me who is only 65% + 1%, I wonder what am I still insisting on. 

Is it still worthwhile for me to push "the sphere" all the way on to the steep slope of the hill? 


My motivation is the 

The ignorant are always fearless

The ignorant are always fearless

Maybe the unseen downhill doesn't exist at all 

Even if there is no such thing called "talent" with in my pencil case

I am still willing to pick up my pen for the 0.9% of fortune and to bet everything I have to complete the remining 39% of effort needed. 

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